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The Italian restaurant, which is located in Frankfurt am Main in the district of Sachsenhausen, is awarded with a Michelin star and 17 points in the Gault Millau. Thenceforward, Carmelo’s passion is to meet the demands of his guests. The sympathetic cook was born in Sicily and grew up in Piedmont, where he laid the foundation of his success.

It was time to spend an evening at Carmelo Greco. Being invited a few weeks ago to a small blogger event, I had the privilege to enjoy a 5 course menu of the star chef. I was totally impressed by the quality of the products, the creativity of the chefs and the friendliness of the service staff.

Carmelo’s butter buns

1 kg flour
600 ml milk
42 g fresh yeast
20 g sugar
30 g honey
20 g sea salt
400 g butter


Put flour in a bowl. Dissolve yeast with sugar and honey in the milk and add to the flour in the bowl. Use the food processor to prepare a smooth dough. Gradually add the butter, placing about 20g aside. Let the finished dough rest for about 6 hours. After the first rise divide the dough into balls of approximately 30g.

Put the dough balls on a sheet of baking paper and let them rest for about 40 minutes. Before baking, use your finger to squeeze a small hole into each bun, put a small piece of butter in it and sprinkle some salt over the bun. Bake in preheated oven at 220 degrees (static heat) for about 7 minutes until they become a golden brown surface.

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Ristorante Carmelo Greco


Ziegelhüttenweg 1-3
60598 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 (69) 606 089 67



Carmelo Greco wants his guests to feel comfortable and spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening in his 48 seat restaurant. Grey and gold colors dominate the scene and an indirect lightning concept contributes to the elegant and cosy atmosphere. The eye-catchers are the walk-in wine cooler with more than 1200 bottles of red wine and the zinc bar in the entrance area that was tailor-made in France. Through the small and intimatesmokers lounge, guests can reach the outdoor terrace.

Carmelo Greco’s style of cooking is dedicated to the refinement and reinterpretation of classic Italian recipes. The dishes aim to surprise the guests and simply taste good. The menu changes depending on the market situation, all pasta is homemade and every ingredient comes from best primary products. This is what Carmelo Greco stands for.

Restaurant Carmelo Greco was awarded Foreign Restaurant of the year 2014 by Busche publishing house